Tuesday, December 07, 2010

singapore tour 2010

we went to singapore this year without much pomp as the previous years. mainly its due to the current situation we are facing.. though we manage to planned it properly. this year we manage stayed in a different hotel, which was situated in the famous Arab Street. and it was very near to The Sultan Mosque. so food was easy... mutton beraini and murtabak...

the first day started quite badly as we had to sent the kids to the pitch and went back to the hotel as we were not allowed to park there. so we decided to park the car at the hotel and take a taxi to the pitch.. damn..

it rained the nearly the whole day... and the pitch was really bad.. it was very muddy.... at time we had to walk through inches of mud.. zayd played quite good and won the plate finals.. imran was a bit unlucky as his team lost in the ealier stages.. aiman lost in the cup semifinals.. all ks not lost in the first day as the boys enjoyed their rugby.. back in the hotel their mum was working very hard to wash the mud of their gears for the next days games..

on sunday, we manage to park near the pitch... yeah!!!!!! it was looking good... aiman was allocated to team ireland and imran was allocated to team usa. finally imran was showing the talent that he has though there are alot of things that need to be done.. aiman .. well he performed very well.. it was the best performance i have seen... hard work does pay... the team lost in the finals against fiji.. whom they lost in the first game in the group stages..

when it all finished, and we were ready to go back to hotel... we realised that our rear tyre was punctured and was very flat... we ahd to change the tyre.. luckily the parents from the club was there to assist.. it feels we are in a big family.. helping each other..

the next day, i went out to look for a tyre shop to repair the tyre... we checked out of the hotel and went out sight seing around singapore... after mutton beraini and murtabak, we left the border at 8pm..

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